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Welcome in Perleberg!!

Have you ever had oysters and found a pearl inside? Probably not. These glistering little balls are rare and valuable. These aspects are also often used to describe the capital of the Prignitz, Perleberg. 

The comparison is easy to make as the city with all of its beauty is embraced by the branches of the river Stepenitz. Walking through the maze of little streets you will experience the medieval feel of the city. In the city centre you will find the Grand Place which has been the centre of commerce during the Hanseatic League period. Beautifully restored town houses surround the square. The city council and the city’s inhabitants have worked together to renovate the city centre and thereby continuing the city’s tradition. However, Perleberg also contains pearls from later periods. Throughout the years, many different architectural styles have influenced the city’s appearance and made the city as beautiful as it is today. East of the city centre you will find the Perleberg Hagen, a perfect hiking spot for those who enjoy nature. In this green oasis, you will pass the riverbanks of the Stepenitz and be surrounded by peace. From here, you will have a perfect view of the city's silhouette with its impressive church tower. The city offers a lot more beautiful sights which the Brandenburg travellers may want to discover by themselves. This is what makes Perleberg a perfect starting point to go exploring. 

Discover the Pearl of the Prignitz!

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