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Perleberg is the capital of the district of Prignitz and it can be reached by following the state highways B5 or B189. Friedrich Engels Platz 9 is situated at the city-forest border, directly next to the river “the Stepenitz”. Follow directions to Bad Wilsnack, 500 meters from “Tierpark Perleberg”.

On the side of the road you will find a road sign saying: “Carpe-Diem-Perleberg” along with our logo: the common kingfisher.
Perleberg, in between Hamburg and Berlin.


 Atelier, Holiday Home "Carpe-Diem" *****

Friedrich-Engels-Platz 9 19348 Perleberg


Tel: +49 (0)3876 - 618 60 26

Mobil: +49 (0)162 - 96 121 86

Fax: +49 (0)3876 - 618 60 25




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