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Art Gallery

During your stay with us we can, if you’re up for it, make you familiar with the world of art.
Throughout the entire mansion you can find paintings of me, Walda van Essen. I use aquarelle and oil paint in my paintings. If you fall in love with one of the paintings and think “This would look really good in my place” we can place the painting in your lodgings during your stay and, if you want to buy the painting, we can offer a 10% discount for guests. You can find a general impression of my paintings by clicking the slideshow.
Since 1991 my painting has grown from being just a hobby to what you can now find in my art gallery. I have followed several courses and autodidactic courses and finally started painting using aquarelle and oil paint. My paintings have been exhibited in many different expositions in the Netherlands and Germany. I have been a member of the art society Rhauderfehn from 2003 till 2009.
If you are interested in my paintings or art in general, I would love to make you familiar with the basics of aquarelle painting. Being creative relaxes the mind and the body and your self-made paintings, big or small, will certainly fill you with joy.

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